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Instead of going through abstract and boring technique before touching an instrument, we adopt the opposite way. You will play with a band straight away, even if you never touched an instrument. Once you’ll be rocking out live and loud, we’ll go through what you’ve been playing and the theory will appear clearly to you. (or you can also just keep on rocking and not care about what’s what, that works too) Each session takes place in a real band mode, e.g. with drums, guitars, bass, keyboards & vocals, and we’ll either work on covers or jam something fresh.

Ensemble Kids, teenagers & adult programs 

Bands meet at least once a week during the whole schoolyear on a fixed day & time. We set up the bands categorized by age. 6-8 ,9-11, 12-14, teenagers & adults of five to six students max per group. During the schoolyear we work on a repertoire of covers, either suggestions we come up with, or ideas of tracks brought by the students. In June we organise our RockSchoolFestival, where all the bands go on stage and rock out their favorites tracks or compositions. With the bands 12+ we will, at some point, go through a professional recording process

and deliver a song played by the students.

 5 to 6 students  -   1H: 25€ - 1H30: 35€

Wanna rock out after work with a bunch of friends, even if you never played an instrument? Come practice the Apérock! We’ll make you play together straight away and guarantee you serious fun and stunning results! Bring your own "apero" for a refreshing end of session, or let us know in advance and we can provide you with our own Rock School Apero (an extra 10€/ person)! Tested and approved! 

 2H30: 50€/person
Team Building 

Wanna rock out after work with your favourite colleagues, even if you never played an instrument? Want to plan some nice end of year Team building? Come practice the Team building sessions! We’ll make you play together straight away and guarantee you serious fun and stunning results! Tested and approved!

 On quotation, tailored made service
Band drill & recording 

Come with your band & your songs, let us record you and maybe give you a hand in pimping up your compositions and/or project. Enjoy our studios & setting to get the best out of your sound! Listen and watch some of our pas achievements with some of our students!

 On quotation, tailored made service
Musical Awakening 

Music is for all to discover! From 0 to 3 years old and 3 to 6 years old.  The Brussels Rock School is pleased to introduced this program of musical discovery which focuses on every kid's musical potential.  Musical Awakening will train your child's internal ear and foster self confidence and expression through music. Everybody's a Rockstar !

 1H: 15€ 
The Hip Hop Formula 

The Hip Hop Faculty is now open for the hungry beat makers and word poets ! 

Enjoy the musical experience of our teachers and start developing your own composition. make the most of your creative energy and learn beat-making, sampling and

mixing. Exclusively available at Rock School Flagey.

 5 to 6 students -1H: 25€ - 1H30: 35€
Singing Workshop 

Raise your voice like you never did before! In groups of ten students the workshop will impact the way you use your voice and breathing in music.

The Singing Workshop gives students the opportunity to develop their singing skills and voice, as well as foster self confidence individually and as part of a group. 

 Max 10 students - 1H: 20€
Musicianship &Theory without Solfeggi  

 Musicianship  works on the feels and chills music gives us! Find your inner pulse, understand rythmes, learn how to improvise and construct chords. Some theory will be added to help students understand harmonies in the most intuitive ways. Learn how to use your inner ear and challenge yourself to find any tonality by ear, and improve your group playing overtime.

 Max 5 students  -   1H30: 35€
Composition Coaching 

Composition Coaching  approaches the most creative part of music, composition, teachers will sharpen the students creativity, will help student get the most of their ideas suggesting the most appropriate structure and guidelines to follow. Students will be challenged throughout the classes, learning how to use their inner ears, develop melodies of their own, how to use harmonies, how to use musical equipment, and develop a better understanding of a musical idea from scratches to most refined.

 Max 5 students  -  1H30: 35€
Private Session 

Sometimes we need a little boost ! Private sessions are available for our "Ensemble" students in order to dig deeper a certain aspect of technic, or a specific approach of an instrument. Private Sessions aim to confort and consolidate our students to play in group. According to the student's need an hour or half an hour private session will be offered.

 1/2H: 25€ - 1H: 50€
The Team 

The pool of teachers from the Brussels Rock School is made of professional, active in the circuit, musicians. On top of having a very broad collective of energies (ranging from rockers to jazzers, bluegrassers, classical freaks and manouch geniuses, among others), you'll be surrounded by the cream of the crop.

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